DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments

My DIY mercury glass ornament

Have you tried to make DIY mercury glass ornaments this season?

I love to try new Christmas crafts and felt like mercury glass ornaments would be so pretty on my silver tinsel tree in our bedroom. So I gave it a try!

They turned out super cute, so I wanted to share the process with you too!

Supplies for DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments:

  • Clear glass or plastic ornaments
  • Silver Looking Glass spray paint
  • Metallic Gold spray paint
  • Spray bottle filled with equal parts water and vinegar
  • Hair Dryer
  • disposable gloves
  • Ribbon or ornament hooks to hang on tree
clear glass ornaments

I actually planned to use plastic ornaments, but couldn’t find any.

But the glass seemed to make them feel extra special 🙂

supplies to make mercury glass ornaments

I chose metallic gold for my DIY mercury glass ornaments, but you could experiment and use any color you like. Think about the theme you are using to decorate with when you make them 😉

making mercury glass ornaments


Remove tops off all your ornaments. Shake can of Looking Glass spray paint well and spray once into an ornament. Roll the paint around in the ornament and use a hair dryer to help dry the paint. (Continue to roll the ornament around in your fingers even while using the hair dryer).

After a few minutes, the paint should be dry. Spray one more spray of the Looking Glass paint, followed by a spray of the vinegar/water solution.

Move the paint and mixture around again while holding the hair dryer at the opening to help it dry.

Once it’s dry, shake the can of Metallic Gold paint well and spray 1-2 sprays into the ornament. Move the paint around in the ornament again while holding the hair dryer at the opening. This is when it starts looking like mercury glass!

Repeat the steps again if you’re not satisfied with the look and want more color.

diy ornaments

Note: I did do this project inside the house with the windows raised for air flow because I was only spraying into the ornaments. However, I did spray the tops outside. I also wore gloves to protect my hands from paint and put a piece of wax paper under the ornaments to protect my table while working on them.

painting ornament tops

Use the metallic gold spray paint to lightly spray the tops of the ornaments, leaving a little of the silver to show through. When dry, put the tops back on the ornaments and hang on the tree.

mercury glass ornament on tinsel tree

I love how my ornaments turned out! It’s such a fun project and they added a special touch to my bedroom Christmas tree.

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My DIY Mercury Glass Ornaments for Christmas

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