Make a Gumball Candy Machine for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

project for breast cancer awareness month

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all know someone who has or is currently battling breast cancer.

If you know someone who is currently fighting this horrible disease, here’s a sweet craft project you could make to gift them. Fill it with their favorite candy and they’ll be encouraged every time they reach for a piece of candy and remember that someone is thinking of them and praying for them.

supplies to diy a gumball candy dish

Supplies Needed:

  • (1) terracotta pot with matching saucer (choose any size you wish depending on how big you want your gumball machine to be)
  • (1) glass bowl (size will need to be fitted to sit on top of the bottom of the terracotta pot)
  • Paint in your color of choice
  • Paint brushes (foam brushes work really well for this project)
  • ribbon (I found this cute ribbon with the Breast Cancer Awareness symbol on it)
  • glue
  • (1) wood knob
  • candy of your choice
  • I even found a stick-on Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon to attach to the front

Note: Except for the glue, all of my supplies were purchased at Hobby Lobby

paint colors for diy gumball machine

Because I’m making my candy dish for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I chose pink and white paint colors.

pink paint for breast cancer awareness month

It’s such a pretty, feminine color of pink!

I painted the terracotta pot and saucer pink and the wood knob for the top was painted white for a slight contrast.

how to make a gumball machine

After your painting is done and everything is dry, you’re ready to assemble your gumball candy machine. The terracotta pot will not sit up-right like usual, you need to flip it over. Then you apply glue to the bottom of the terra cotta pot.

I applied it just around the rim of the bottom of the pot to give it a cleaner look (although you won’t see the glue when candy is in the dish).


There are many different types of glues you could use, but I chose Super Touch 360 Glue from Supertite.

breast cancer awareness decorations

Now for the extra touches! I glued the Breast Cancer Awareness Symbol to the front of the dish.

Then I tied the pretty pink and white ribbon around the middle of the dish to make it even prettier 🙂

how to diy a gumball machine

Lastly, just add the candy to the dish and put the top on. I chose these Life Savers Mints WINT O GREEN flavor because they’re white and look pretty in the dish lol 🙂 You could coordinate the color of the candy with your paint colors or just add your friend’s favorite candy.

If the person is currently going through chemo treatments, I hear that ginger is good for nausea. They probably make a ginger candy that you could add!

Lifesavers Mints

And there you have it! An adorable gumball candy machine that makes a great gift idea!

project for breast cancer awareness month

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