Whimsical Hand Painted Santa Ornaments

hand painted whimsical santa ornaments

I love the charm of homemade Christmas ornaments, don’t you?!

I recently got an idea to hand paint Santas on small wood slices I saw in the craft section at Hobby Lobby. It was a fun Christmas craft, needing only a few supplies.

How I made Whimsical Hand Painted Santa Ornaments

supplies for santa ornaments

Supplies Needed

  • bag of wood ovals (purchase for the number of ornaments you need)
  • red, white, and black craft paint and small paint brush
  • white glitter for Santa’s beard
  • pencil (eraser will be used to make Santa’s eyes)
  • ribbon for ornament hanger
  • You also need a drill to make the holes for the hangers
supplies for wood santa ornaments


  1. Pre-drill holes in the top of the wood ovals (this is for the hanger)
  2. Paint the top part of the oval for Santa’s hat and the bottom part for his beard. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just estimate and leave enough wood showing for the eyes and mouth.
  3. While the white paint is still wet, sprinkle the glitter on the beard area so it will stick.
how to paint santa ornaments

3. Squirt a little black paint on a small paper plate or bowl and dip the pencil eraser into the black paint. Transfer the paint onto the wooden area to make the two eyes. Repeat the process for the mouth, but make the area larger.

hand painted santa ornaments

4. Attach a narrow piece of ribbon for a hanger so you can hang the ornaments on the tree.

That’s it! You’ve created these adorable hand painted whimsical Santa ornaments to enjoy or gift to a friend. They would also be cute attached to Christmas gifts 🙂

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whimsical hand painted ornaments

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