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How to make Cotton Candy Mocktails

using cotton candy to make a delicious mocktail or cocktail

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? When added to your favorite carbonated water or seltzer, you’ll love it even more! Here’s how to make delicious Cotton Candy Mocktails for your next brunch or party:

dip rim of glass in white frosting to decorate the edge

Dip the rim of the glass in a bowl of white frosting of your choice. I used a store bought icing. You could even do a colored frosting, depending on the colors of your party’s theme.

Tip: heat the frosting in the microwave for a few seconds for easier application. This prevents it from being too thick around the rim.

dip frosted rim of glass into candy or sugar sprinkles to add a decorative touch

Next dip the frosted rim of the glass into a bowl of candy or sugar sprinkles of your choice. To coat the rim well, I also turned the glass at an angle and rolled it in the sprinkles to get the edge covered well.

how to make a cotton candy mocktail

I added a small hand full of cotton candy to the bottom of the glass before pouring in the liquid.

seltzer added to cotton candy drink

I added my favorite La Croix seltzer to my drink, but used Sprite for my guests. You could also use 7 Up or even your favorite champagne.

Cotton Candy Mocktail drink
Cotton Candy Mocktail for Galentine's Brunch

So the next time you host a brunch or party, grab some cotton candy and create some fun mocktails or cocktails for your guests. They’ll love them as much as you will 🙂

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