Frozen Corn Chicken Treats for Summer

keeping chickens cool in the summer

As summer temperatures rise, it’s essential to keep our beloved backyard chickens cool and happy. One fantastic way to beat the heat is by treating them to some delicious homemade frozen corn treats. Not only will your chickens adore these tasty snacks, but they’ll also provide a refreshing and nutritious boost.

Here’s a simple recipe to make frozen corn treats for your feathered friends

cold chicken treat recipe

To make these frozen corn treats, all you need is canned corn, a metal doughnut pan, and water.

corn chicken treats

Using a spoon, fill each mold until about half full.

These molds will help you create individual-sized treats for your chickens. You can also use small paper cups or muffin pans, as well a silicone molds. I just used what I had on hand.

how to make cold chicken treats

One can of corn was enough for my 6 hole doughnut pan.

After the corn is added, top off each of the molds with water.

making cold chicken treats

Add just enough water to reach the top of the mold. You don’t want it spilling out the sides.

cold chicken treats for summer

Carefully place the filled molds in the freezer. Allow the treats to freeze for at least 4-6 hours or overnight until they are solid. This ensures that they will hold their shape and be easy to handle.

cold treat for chickens

Once the treats are completely frozen, pop them out of the molds. To get then out of a metal pan easily, just sit the pan in hot water for just a minute. This will loosen them up enough to make it easy to remove them.

Serve the refreshing frozen corn treats to your chickens in their coop or designated feeding area. Watch as they eagerly peck away at these delightful snacks while staying cool during the summer months.

chicken treats for the summer

Homemade Frozen Corn Treats: The Perfect Summer Delight for Your Chickens

With this simple homemade frozen corn treat recipe, you can provide your chickens with a delicious and refreshing snack to beat the summer heat. Your feathered friends will love it, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re providing them with a healthy and enjoyable treat. So, go ahead and give it a try – your chickens will thank you for it!

Note: Remember that frozen treats should be given in moderation and should not replace your chickens’ regular diet. Treats should complement a balanced diet of grains, vegetables, and a good quality chicken feed.

Another idea for cold treats would be peeling and freezing apples and orange slices. I also cut up cold watermelon pieces for my feathered friends to enjoy 🙂

cold treats for chickens in the summer

Happy chicken keeping and enjoy the summer!

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