How to DIY a Chicken Swing

diy chicken swing
diy chicken swing

Making a chicken swing is a fun and easy DIY project that can provide entertainment for both you and your chickens. Here are the steps to make a chicken swing with a board and rope:

supplies you need to make a chicken swing


  • A sturdy board (about 12-18 inches long). This can be a flat board but we used an old axe handle.
  • A rope (we purchased 12′ at our local hardware store to ensure we had plenty).
  • A drill with a drill bit to make the holes for the rope
  • A saw to cut the board the correct length
cutting the board for a chicken swing

Cut the board to the desired length using a saw.

measurements for a chicken swing

Measure each side of the board 2 inches from the end to mark where the holes need to be drilled.

drilling holes for swing

We used a clamp to hold the piece of wood while we drilled the two holes for the rope.

drilled holes in swing
how to hang a chicken swing

Attach the rope to each side of the swing.

hanging a chicken swing

Then attach it to the tree limb or other structure to hold the swing. We put our swing inside of our chicken pen, so they could enjoy it any time.

Recap Instructions:

  1. Cut the board to the desired length and width using a saw.
  2. Drill two holes on each end of the board, about two inches from the edge. The holes should be large enough to fit the rope through.
  3. Thread the rope through one of the holes and tie a knot at the end to prevent it from slipping through. Do the same on the other end.
  4. Decide where you want to hang the swing. Tie the rope directly to a tree branch or other support.
  5. Hang the swing and adjust the height to suit your chickens. You may need to adjust the length of the rope to get the right height.
  6. Introduce your chickens to the swing by placing some treats on it to encourage them to climb aboard.

Your chicken swing is now ready for use! Just remember to periodically check the rope and board for wear and tear, and replace them as needed.

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