How to Create a Fun and Festive Halloween Dessert Board

halloween desserts

A year or so ago, charcuterie boards became super popular.

A typical charcuterie board would consist of several types of meats, but now also can include cheese, nuts, spreads, and fruit.

I love making these boards and even focusing on sweet treats for a dessert style board.

Charcuterie boards, or dessert boards, are an easy way to have simple foods on hand for company and are so much fun to put together!

So why not make them specifically for holidays and special occasions?

how to create a halloween themed dessert board

You can make a small board with just a few foods or a large one to incorporate more.

Although I did focus more on desserts for my Halloween themed board, I did include chips and dip and some Halloween Ghosts and Bats Veggie Chips for something a little salty to enjoy in between the sweets.

ingredients for a halloween themed dessert board
whoopie pie cookie kit from walmart

The idea for the Halloween themed dessert board came from the Whoopie Pie Cookie Mix I purchased at Walmart.

chocolate whoopie pie mix

There’s not a whole lot better than a chocolate whoopie pie 🙂

chocolate whoopie pie cookies

The kit baked up two dozen cookies to put together for an even dozen whoopie pies.

I didn’t take pictures of the whole process, but the instructions on the box were easy to follow.

But the real stars of the show were the adorable ghost cookies.

white chocolate nutter butter cookies

To make the ghost cookies, dip Nutter Butter cookies into melted white chocolate and cover completely on both sides.

Allow them to cool on wax paper, but not before adding mini chocolate chips for the eyes.

I couldn’t find the mini chocolate chips in the store, so I used brown mini M&Ms.

They worked just as well and looked so cute 🙂

nutter butter ghost cookies

There’s really no wrong way to lay out the food on the board.

I put a small plastic black cauldron from the dollar store in the middle of the board to hold the dip.

I layered the different types of chips on either side and then added sweets to each side.

My other sweets were candy corn, yogurt and pumpkin spice covered pretzels, and little white marshmallow ghosts.

halloween themed dessert board

A super easy dessert with different flavors to satisfy my whole family.

Can’t wait to do one for the Christmas holidays!

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