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Laundry Room Makeover

small laundry room makeover with farmhouse charm

Let’s face it. Laundry is no fun. But the task can be much more enjoyable with a dedicated space to keep you organized and on top of all those loads.

While my laundry room is not a very large space, I am grateful for it. And I knew it could be so much more than what it was. After assessing what I needed to really transform this space, we got to work.

It was time for a new washer and dryer anyway, so this was the perfect time to give the room a fresh coat of paint as well. In addition to paint, we removed the wire wall shelf that hung over the washer and dryer originally and looked for a small cabinet to mount on the wall for storage. Having a cabinet would allow me to hide some supplies that aren’t needed often.

white painted primitive wood wall cabinet to hold supplies in laundry room makeover

It took a few weeks, but I finally located a primitive piece at an antique store that was a perfect fit. Next up, a counter space for folding laundry.

laundry room makeover

We decided to go with a front load washer and dryer and put a counter directly over them to save on space. Plywood, some trim, and paint from Home Depot took care of this.

industrial curtain rod hanging from ceiling to dry clothes on

I don’t know about y’all, but I have some clothing that I never throw in the dryer, so I also needed a place to hang clothes up to dry. We found an industrial style curtain rod at Target that was the perfect solution. We hung it from the ceiling on one side of the room to keep any hanging clothes from being in the way while in there.

Everything else done was for decorative purposes.

labeled glass jar and spray bottles

Let’s talk about labels for a minute. What a game changer! I’ve never actually used pre-made labels in a space, so I was so happy with how mine look and are keeping me organized in my laundry room. I worked with Talented Kitchen on this project. Be sure to check out their Amazon store for their many options to organize your spaces.

labeled baskets
labels for organization

I still have plenty of labels left that they so generously sent me, so next up is the linen closet and cleaning supplies. With all these labels, I think I could organize the world!

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