Garage Makeover Ideas

A garage entry makeover with a gardening shelf station

Last spring, we FINALLY got around to doing a complete makeover on our garage. Y’all, it was a long time coming, and I’m so glad it’s done!

A clean garage floor made new with epoxy shield floor kit

The walls were repainted. The floor was redone. And we added metal shelving for some much needed storage and organization.

A before picture of garage before the makeover

Here’s a photo of what it looked like right before we started the transformation. In our defense, some of this in the floor was pulled out so we could go through it and decide what we needed to keep and what needed to be thrown away. But it was such a mess! I could barely get my car in there and I was so embarrassed for anyone to come in our house through the back door. I was determined to get this done, and we did.

A garage entry makeover with a gardening shelf station

Now, we have a nice, clean entrance for visitors to enter our home.

How to reorganize a garage

We he still has some organizing to do on the far size of the garage, but most everything else is in it’s proper place.

A garage organization project using wire industrial shelving

The metal shelving was the best decision ever! We actually didn’t even have to purchase these. They were given to us and they provide so much space for organizing my paint products and other items.

DIY garage organization project

We purchased a wall hanging system for large yard/cleaning tools to get them up off the floor.

Reorganizing your garage with wood and metal shelving

One side of the garage is dedicated to storage and organizing the things we need easy access to.

A clean and organized garage leaves room for bicycle storage

The other size is where our mountain bikes are parked. I also have a potting shelf where I keep gardening supplies and bird feed.

Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield floor kit for a garage makeover
Rust-Oleum EpoxyShield floor kit for a garage makeover

We love how the floor turned out. The Rust-Oleum Epoxy floor product is so easy to use. After cleaning the garage floor, we rolled a coat of paint on and sprinkled in the little flecks.

A before picture of an old book case repurposed for a gardening station

This old book shelf was in the garage before holding paint and all sorts of odds and ins.

DIY book shelf transformation using Lichen colored paint by Fusion Mineral

I gave it a fresh coat of paint with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Lichen. It’s the perfect shade for a diy gardening station.

A repurposed book shelf turned into a gardening shelf
A garage entry makeover with a gardening shelf station

It’s the perfect place to store my gardening supplies and bird feed. It’s functional and pretty and looks so cute next to the back door.

I’m so happy to finally have this project completed! It was time consuming, but soooo worth the work! Now on to another project.

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  1. How well has the floor held up? Like y’all we cleaned up our garage, but did nothing with the floors.Because of our experience with patio painting that didn’t go well. It’s a mess. Looks like yours covered well, Do you put your car in there? Is it peeling off? I enjoy your post and Instagram stories.

    1. Hey! Thank you so much! Yes, our floor is holding up very well! We have had no issues with peeling and we do park the car in there. The only issue we have with our floor (which we had before as well) is that when it’s very humid, rainy weather, the floor can get slick in places. I was hoping the flecks would help with this, but the problem is that the concrete is a smooth concrete and not a rough surface.

      Hope this helps!

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