Easter Centerpiece Ideas

diy concrete bowl in center of table filled with eggs and a bunny for a Easter centerpiece

I can hardly believe it’s the last week of February! Easter will be here soon, so I’m already thinking about some Easter centerpiece ideas to set a pretty table for the holiday.

The possibilities are endless, but I do have a few favorite ideas that I wanted to share with you just in case you’re also thinking ahead and planning the perfect Easter centerpiece for your table.

Trays make great foundations for any centerpiece. This long wood tray was a perfect choice for this concrete bunny. Surrounded by faux eggs and spring florals, it’s such a pretty centerpiece idea!

Nothing says spring quite like gardening supplies. This use of small clay pots makes for a simple but elegant way to welcome the spring season. Add in a bunny and eggs, and it’s also perfect for Easter.

Baskets are one of my favorite ways to create an Easter centerpiece for my table. Because baskets come in all shapes and sizes, you can get very creative. In the photo above, she even elevated the basket on a wood riser and displayed other spring and Easter decorations around it. So pretty!

faux greenery, bunnies, and eggs create a unique centerpiece for an easter table setting

One year, I used a moss-covered basket, faux greenery, wood candlesticks, and a couple of bunnies and eggs to create a small vignette in the center of my table. It worked well for the entire spring season.

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an Easter table centerpiece using an ivy wreath, concrete bowl, and pink faux flowers

Remember, the key is to infuse your personal style into the centerpiece and make it a reflection of your home decor aesthetic. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or rustic look, these ideas can be adapted to suit your taste and create a festive atmosphere for your Easter celebrations.

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